In 2001 I started blogging. I blogged a lot. Like every day a lot. At my peak I had a seemingly endless stream of ideas to write about, then all of a sudden the stream dried up. I lost the ideas.

Recently, I decided to find them again, I figured it would be hard, a real quest. It wasn't though. It turns out they were easy to find. I just got on my motorbike and rode, and all of a sudden there they were... the thinking gap.

The thinking gap is the place that forms in your brain that gives you ideas space to grow.

There's a problem though.

Every time our thinking gap starts to open, we fill it.

We fill it with other people's thoughts!

You see when it comes to thoughts, you're either creating them, or you're consuming them. Ideally we should be doing both, but I've found that the rise of social media has turned me into a consumer more than a creator.

It's like I can't bear to sit with my own thoughts for five minutes, whether I'm driving, working, or lying in bed - as soon as my thinking gap starts widening, I open Twitter and Facebook and fill it with other people's crap.

Their thoughts gain strength by consuming mine.

This has to stop. We need to widen the thinking gap again, we need to resist the putty that fills our brain every time we reach for our phones.

We need to write when we want to read.

We need to create when we want to consume.

We need to allow our thinking gap to open, climb in, and go fucking crazy...!

Image: Chasm, by Korbox