Years back I used to tour with a guy called Dylan Taljaard. One day we were walking around a stadium, just pre-gig and I said to him, "Dylan, check out the ass on her." to which he laughed and replied, "Nah man, that's a steek / moer. When you see her from behind, you want to steek (umm, "make love to") her, but when she turns you see it's a dude and you want to moer (punch) him.

Aerosmith summed this up nicely in their song, Dude (looks like a lady). Which, when you stop to look at Steve Tyler, is fairly ironic.

Here's the lesson, no matter how far you had to walk to catch up to the "girl", when she turns around and you find out it's a guy, you never say, "ah well, I've come this far already, I may as well just fuck him." Doesn't happen.

And yet this is exactly what we do in business with ideas, goals and technologies. We invest in them so heavily and spend so much time building them, that when we find out that they may be not exactly what we need, we shrug and carry on using them.

This is the sunk-cost fallacy, and it's wrong, if you get somewhere and it's not where you need to be - write off the journey that came before it and change direction. See it for what it is - a dude that looked like a lady.

Never let the time you've invested in the past get in the way of the progress you could make in the future...!

And now, for your listening pleasure...