So here we are, nearing the end of the year. By now, we should all be thinking about what our New Year's Resolutions will be - even though we know for sure we're going to fail (I mean really, do you even remember what this year's was?).

What if we didn't have to fail at this? I don't think we do. In fact, with a small amount of commitment, I'm fairly certain I can help you check off next year as a big win. Let me explain (I originally came up with this for my weekly podcast with Gareth Cliff at if you'd prefer, you can just listen below).

There are a few reasons that New Year's Resolutions fail. Mostly though it's because they are too difficult, and because once we fail, we're done eg. If you say you want to stop smoking, and then have a ciggie, you failed. My thinking is to trade one big thing with no room for error, for a whole heap that allow for some failures. So here's the plan.

The first thing you're going to do is think of three big-ass goals that you want to achieve next year. My gut feel is that at least one of them has to be for someone else eg. be a more attentive Dad (because it's harder to quit on goals that affect others than goals that just affect me).

Once you have those, give some thought to habits and behaviours that will help achieve them.

Now comes the commitment bit that, quite frankly, will be tricky as you need to start a morning ritual. I already have one, so for me I'm simply adding one extra line. My current rule is that before I open social media, I have to do this one thing (it's really changed my life, you can see it below):

So, what's the one line I'm adding? Simple, every day I'm going to commit to a New Day's Resolution. One thing I want to achieve that day that will let me chalk the day up as a win. The only rule for my NDR is that it must help me achieve one of my year's goals.

So for me that may be to drink 3 canisters of water, or eat no processed sugar. If I pull it off, The day is a win.

If five days are wins - the week is a win.
If 3 weeks are a win - the month is a win.
If 10 months are a win - VICTORY!

Occasional failure is built into the formula. If you fail one day, you try harder the next, if you fail one month, you try harder the next. It's really that simple.

And all you need is a wee notebook and pen next to your bed (an app could work too). I'd love you to use one of ours, but any will do.

The real gift is that you will have started unlocking the amazing power of a great morning routine (I also read a page of [this great book](, and this amazing email every morning - life-changing stuff). If you need a reminder on why this is so great, you should che in with the dead poets:

So, this year, your New Year's Resolution is to commit to a New Day's Resolution.

Are you in? Good. Now get accountable. Share the post and tell people you're committing - the best way to stay accountable is to not be in it alone.

Welcome to the NDR clan... carpe diem!