I've played Dungeons & Dragons since I was a kid. In the game you often had to fight Ogres. I detest ogres.

I also detest mediocrity. At least I detest it for myself.

I remember years back I bought myself a shiny new Porsche. I felt like the mutt's nuts until a guy pulled up next to me in a Ferrari. To him, I was just a guy in a cheaper car.

I sold the Porsche after just 10 months because I realised when it came to being wealthy, it was never going to be a race I could win. In that race, I'd always be mediocre. Besides, it felt liberating to leave the douchebag curve.

I'd far rather spend my time and energy doing things that I think I have a chance at excelling at. Things I would love to master. So I may never win at being wealthy, but I could give winning at a certain type of thinking a damn good go.

Recently I realised I'm completely middle of the road at social media, I am absolutely unremarkable at twitter and facebook, which is ironic as it is at its core an endeavor that trades off people's need for social recognition (have you checked to see how many likes you've had on that last tweet/post? Quick, you may have missed one). I realised that the smartest thing I was doing on social media was sharing other people's smart ideas.

How sad. How mediocre.

I figured that is something I'd like to change. The easiest way to do that is to start blogging again.

I loved blogging, and I know it'll take work to get good again, it will be an uphill battle with the mediogre chasing me the whole time. I'm up for it though.

I'm curious, if you're really honest, what are you mediocre at? Can you stop it?

Do you even care?

The mediogre is everywhere, he's a foul beast. Slay the bastard...!