"Hey Rich, what board game should I buy?"

You asked, I'm answering... albeit a bit late (sorry Nic).

These are all what you would refer to as "gateway games" i.e. easy to learn. I'll update this post periodically with whatever I'm playing and recommending. I've included reviews by The Dice Tower (Don't judge, Tom Vasel knows his shit).

I've also only listed locally available games. You have no excuse.

For two:

The Duke - review

Patchwork - review

7 Wonders Duel - review - how to play

Pagoda - review

Memoir 44 - review

For 2 - 4 adults:

Istanbul - review

Splendor - review

For the family:

Takenoko - review

Catan Junior - review

Pina Pirata - review

Loot - review

Sushi Go - review

Ticket to Ride Europe - review

King of Tokyo - review

For games' nights with friends:

Concept - review

One night ultimate werewolf - review

Koba Yakawa - review

For lunch break:

Love Letter - review

Star Realms - review

Happy gaming everyone. Also, if you're worried that this will make you a bit nerdy, even Vice thinks it's rad...!